Digital Gangster


Plays the role of the hacker and the perceptive character, but is also fairly good at combat.


Torvalds grew up with his wealthy parents, on the planet and city Alpha. He was always talented with computers, and his talent, hard work, and parents’ money got him accepted into a prestigious university to learn computer science. During his schooling, he got a little bit involved in the hacking scene and found information from the outer planets that the GALP had censored. Torvalds has always been open source, and strongly believes that human knowledge belongs to the world, so this censorship combined with the actual information that was being censored was enough for Torvalds to dedicated his life to stop the GALP from their power abuse.

He started putting so much time into learning to hack and finding hidden information about the GALP that he started pulling terrible grades at the university. After a few warnings from his parents, who thought his new obsession was both ridiculous and dangerous, Torvalds’ parents stopped paying for his schooling and kicked him out on the street with almost no money. Since his parents kicked him out, he stopped going by the name they gave him changed his name to “Torvalds”.

Torvalds was broke, homeless, and computer-less, but still dedicated to upholding his ideals, so he joined a gang that needed a hacker. During his experience with the Acer gang, Torvalds was able to dedicate some time to hacking, and learn some combat and urban skills. He actually discovered that he was quite tough and had combat reflexes, so he got involved in in good number of fights and titled himself a digital gangster. The Acer gang was eventually broken up when a simple drug heist went wrong, and Torvalds was thrown in jail for a number of years, which only continued to toughen him up.

Torvalds is still dedicated to removing the GALP’s power, and letting information flow freely. He feels very righteous about himself, and he is a very cocky person with the typical hacker god complex. He is a very curious person, always wanting to learn and understand more and more ideas. He is also addicted to caffeine.


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