Formal name: the Galactic Alliance of Liberated Planets

Short name: the GALP

Form of Government: GALP Senate, Core Council

History: This alliance was formed four hundred years ago by many planets in rebellion from the ancient Galactic Empire. When the GALP planets had achieved independence the empire was destroyed and the GALP assumed rule of most of the galaxy. They control about two thirds of the inhabited galaxy and the other planets are independent.

Public opinion of the GALP is generally good, they’ve tried to keep the majority of their citizens happy, but everyone has to conform to the new and improved Alliance lifestyle. Many small town (planet) peoples have been discriminated against and hurt by the GALP. However, the GALP censors their media, so the most the people hear are rumors.

Andy’s character (insert link here) is very against the GALP because… Torvalds is also very against the GALP because he is a strong believe that human knowledge belongs to the world, and the GALP censors information that the public needs to know.


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